French Riviera Beach La Plage de Calvi-COPY

by Roger Broders

A woman is at the beach and a orange towel is blowing in the wind.

In the period between the wars, Roger Broders was the finest designer of French travel posters. Many, in-cluding many of his best, were for the French railways -in fact, the majority of them were for a single com-pany: the Paris Lyon-Mediterranee. Because the PLM line of the French railway system provided service to the countrys southern ports, it often advertised the attractions of destinations across the water. This beau-tiful Broders poster is for Calvi Beach on the island of Corsica. The flat bright colors of the figures and fore-ground contrast with the naturalistic hues and shading of the water and town. The main figures face is a picture of Mediterranean bliss. This is the French version.

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